Apex Legends Update! New ALGS Championship Skins as well as 3 MILLION Dollar Crowdfunding Prize Pool!

Apex Tournament Prize Money

Apex Tournament Prize Money

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Wow, wow, wow. The Skins, the Prize Pool, the Crowdfunding…the…Chameleon? So most great things in with the short but concise episode of Raynday Gaming News! Like if you’re HYPE! Sign & Hit the bell to have ALL my uploads! https://www.thunder1055.com/bit.ly/2ejoOyw | Twitter: https://www.thunder1055.com/twitter.com/rayndaygaming | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ► https://www.thunder1055.com/twitch.tv/raynday

Apex Legends Crowdfunding Bundles Article by Dextero: https://www.thunder1055.com/www.dexerto.com/apex-legends/apex-legends-announces-crowdfunding-up-to-3-million-for-algs-championship-1576819/

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The inaugural ESPN EXP Invitational in X Games Minneapolis features 20 professional Apex Legends teams competing for a 0,000 prize pool.